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Unknown me

Actually when Dr told me that I might be stress that cause I missed my period, I think i know the reason. Because I have been trying hard to have kid with some one that I love.

Two more day, it will be my birthday. But I received disappointment news from Dr which I already knew since last week.

My husband doesnt seem to understand my concerns. He said he want to try hard with me. But I dont think he understand about the percentage of trying to conceive is 3% only. Any leaving the wife sleep alone it will bring the % to zero.

So today I told myself. I will not pay any more hope. The husband I have now already have other priority. I will stop trying to change him. Because the more famous he is the more lonely I will be.

Reach home at 12am, continue his spirit of interest as he want to maintain his status resulted the lonely wife and make our wishes or relationship to be leave apart.

I wish he played game like before.



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