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Blighted Ovum

On 5/12/11, 9.30pm I was admitted at Prince Court Medical Center. Finally the frightening moment arise. At 6am, the nurse and midwife provide some medication pills to my vaginal. This is to ensure that my vaginal will become wider so that the Dr can easily done the D&C operation.

Oh my God. Only God and those who had the D&C operation before know how I felt. I am not allow to wake up or go toilet for 1 hour. The medication make my womb so cramp and painful. At the same times, something is pulling my legs. At 7.30am, finally I was allow to go toilet to pee. Ohno… so painful.

Since the operation will start at 8.30am, I need to waited the horrible moment with my pain for another 1 hour. The cramp keep repeating. The pain remind me of the God had taken away my chance of being a mother. I am physically and emotionally painful. I wish there is a fast forward timer for me. It is very suffering that time.

Finally at 8.30am, I was bring to Level 2, operation room. I was put on sleep and finally I am being wake up at 10am in a recovery room. At 10.30am, the nurse bring me back to my ward. Thank God, Isaac was there for me. But I feel sad to see him sick and quite worry about him.

At 5.30pm, I was being discharged from the hospital and we brought a flight ticket back to Penang. Being alone at KL will make me more sad. This really a hard moment for me. As I undergo most of the pregnancy symptoms and yet, the God seem so cruel to me. But this is my fate, so I just have to take it. I am not sure how long it will take me to be emotionally prepare for another pregnancy.


I wish someone can wipe my memory away. All the best to me.



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